Corona virus

Yesterday was a black day for rally organizers in Morocco. At 10 am, the Moroccan government announced in a press release that, in order to limit the spread of the Corona COVID-19 virus, they had decided to suspend all sporting, cultural and other events until the end of March. This mainly concerns events with foreign participants.

An hour later the organizers of the Carta Rally, the Rally des Gazelles, the Panda Raid and countless others received the official and personalized announcement that they had to move their event to another date. Some of these events would start this weekend. Also, in Algeria the Tuareg Rally was canceled yesterday, as well as the Qatar Rally. As I said, a black day.

The decision of the government came after the establishment of a 2nd infection (only 2, both apparently older than 80 years) on the Moroccan territory and is provisionally valid until the end of March.

Of course, this decision creates a lot of stress for everyone, both for the organization and the participants. A lot of money has already been spent, 1300 people have planned their vacations, etc. But that does not stop us. Currently, events in April are still unaffected and we therefore continue with the preparations for the Morocco Desert Challenge. We are hopeful that the situation with Coronavirus will stabilize and that the suspension by the government will be lifted.

We follow the situation closely and we will keep you informed at all times with correct information. As soon as we receive more info, we will certainly communicate this immediately.

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