Already more than 75% fully booked!

The confidence in rally-raid in Morocco is clearly back! The registrations for the Morocco Desert Challenge 2023 are going extremely fast! Since the opening a few days ago (August 1st), we are already more than three quarters fully booked with 756 participants from all over the world: from Japan to Iceland, from the USA to South Africa. So if you would like to join us from 21 to 30 April 2023, don't wait too long!

Cars & buggy's

In the 4x4s and 2-wheel drive buggy category, 73 vehicles have now been registered, with traditionally a lot of Overdrives, RedLined Nissans, Bowlers and Optimuses but also classics such as Toyota Landcruisers, Mitsubishi Mivec, Range Rovers V8 and Porsches. The entry limit in this category is set at 90 vehicles. That means we still have 17 spots left.


SSVs are clearly the future of rally-raid. Accessible and more approachable than the 4x4s and buggy's. In the MDC2023 we use 4 subdivisions:

  • FIA T3: proto's with an FIA approved roll cage, limited to 150km/h
  • FIA T4: SSVs with FIA approved roll cage, limited to 130km/h
  • SSV Open Category, limited to 130 km/h.
  • SSV Open Light Category with standard roll cage and reinforcement as supplied by the manufacturer, limited to 120km/h

The SSV's pilots are signing up in huge numbers. After 1 week, the total number of registrations already stands at 86, which means that there is still room for 14 more vehicles as the limit is set at 100!

A massive "thank you" to QFF, Pinch Racing, ZZ Kustoms, Mercier Racing, BBR, BTR & Xtreme Plus and all the smaller teams for their confidence!

Motorcycles and Quads

Until now, motorcycles and quads were together under the same category. This will change from 2023 onwards. From now on, they will each get their own class and thus their own podium ceremony. A total of 65 vehicles will be accepted for both categories combined. Today there are already 49 motorcycles and 5 quads signed up, which means that there are only 11 places left.


In the truck category, the big guns of the rally-raid, the counter is currently at 11, including teams De Rooy, Timmermans & Verheyden's Ex-Dakar, Hamer, EVM and Versteijnen. The maximum number of vehicles accepted in this category is 25.

Adventure Raid

And finally, the registrations for the Raid category. They're going smoothly as well. In this class you drive (part of) the official route and get a taste of rallying without the competitive aspect. The perfect introduction to the real thing. In this category we already have 13 registrations. Still 7 to go before this one is full.

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.