The MDC goes hybrid

A big first at the MDC2023 with the introduction of a new vehicle, coming straight from of the imagination of Fabrice Decroux (by FD). Don't be fooled by its appearance, underneath this T1 appearance hides a real SSV! It is a Hybrid'O T3 with a central rear Can-am 1000 turbo engine, a central front sequential gearbox with Yamaha clutch. Starting from an FIA-conform chassis built by BTR, Fabrice wanted to build a vehicle combining performance and design.

"The gearbox is a real asset from a competitive and technical point of view. It's better than the vario/belt combination. It's also a vehicle designed for gentlemen drivers who want to rediscover the sensation of shifting gears. As far as performance is concerned, the Can-am engine is the best value for money there is. I added a water injection on the engine which allows to drive more ecologically (better cooling and lower consumption with less CO2 emission) in order to race in the green category. The engine had 200 bhp, a very good performance that was confirmed during our test sessions validated by BTR. We also collaborated with Lorrtec who did the wiring harness and mapping for us.

Jean-Denis Piccini will have the honour of driving this machine during the MDC, his very first rally-raid. "The MDC is a great race that will allow him to discover this sport in the best possible way, both in terms of sportive and human adventure."

As for the look of this unique vehicle, you will discover the final bodywork during the checks in Agadir: "It will look like a mini T1 + in the shape of a 2022 Ford Ranger. It will be completely waterproof without weighing more. The aim is to remain efficient but with more comfort! And more bodywork means more room to display the sponsors..."

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