Stories from the bivouac: Nomadas Adventure

A new motorcycle assistance team is joining the MDC and they come with a very international crew! Nomadas Adventure originated in Mexico and is now established in Switzerland. Hernan Samaniego is the leading force behind the team. He participated in many rally’s on a motorcycle, before he started organising his own rallies and other events. Now he’s offering his services as an assistance team.

They will be assisting 3 motorcycle riders from all over the world: Dennis Mildenberger from Switzerland, Aishwarya Pissay from India and Australian Darren Goodman."It's a real family", Darren says when we ask him about the atmosphere in the team. For Hernan, bringing them together at the MDC was obvious: “I have heard a lot of good things about this rally, we are delighted to be here. We want to enjoy even if we will stay focused on the race. The atmosphere is already very good at the bivouac, we can talk to everyone, Gert even came to see us and we were able to chat! I'm sure it's a great rally to gain experience and improve at all levels. »

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