Stories from the bivouac: Franco Sport

Straight from Portugal and new to the MDC is the Franco Sport team, headed by Ricardo Batista. Franco Sport lines up its SSV Yamaha piloted by Mario Franco and co-piloted by Sara Diogo for whom it will be her first desert challenge here in Morocco.

“The SSV is in its 3rd race in Morocco”, explains Ricardo, “it is our 1st MDC. He is very reliable and we especially want to compare ourselves to others to find out what level of competitiveness the team is at. Sara comes to gain experience and the navigation will undoubtedly be complicated for her sinch it will be her first desert challenge. Mario has already won a championship in Portugal and was one of the best rookies on the Dakar. Franco Sport has existed since October 2016 and we are looking forward to discover the MDC. It's a new race in our calendar that will allow us to prepare for the Dakar. »

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