A warm taster

Some teams still had to pass the administrative and technical scrutineering today. A routine job for the organization and they kept up the pace so all vehicles were checked without difficulty. Once passed scrutineering, it was time for the shakedown! Matthieu Serradori (#302) described his first run on the track as: “very beautiful and representative of what we will be able to find on the rally. We come here to test and develop the car, so we don't have a real performance target but it's always a pleasure to come back to the MDC almost 10 years after my 1st participation. There's a lot of competition this year, it's going to be high level! »

Tablet navigation

This year, all the co-pilots will have to navigate on a tablet, the famous UNIK 4. So, all participants gathered in the middle of the day for a mandatory briefing that they would not want to miss anyway.  The new GPS UNIK4 tabled can stress out some novices… No more paper roadbooks, now you have to use a remote control to validate the waypoints and plot your route! This new device is the next step that brings the MDC to the same level of the biggest rallies in the world. The final meeting of the day before everyone could get some rest before tomorrow's prologue: Gert’s general briefing in 3 languages! In English, in Dutch and then in French, the boss ensures that the information reaches all the teams.

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.