Overlimit (#265), a female crew continuing in their steps

Patrycja Brochocka (28), and Karolina Zysnarska (27) met as students at the University of Poznan in Poland. Patrycja quickly got involved in the world of rallying by following her father, who is a driver himself and will also be competing at this year's MDC in the SSV category. Initially a co-driver, she quickly proved herself and then took the wheel in 2018 to show the full extent of her talent. Karolina accompanies Patrycja on rallies, she helps her in her communication on social networks and learns to blossom in a world that she likes more and more. It was therefore quite natural that Patrycja asked Karolina to get into the cockpit with her, as she found it interesting to form a female SSV team in a very male world. "We did the TDC together last year and it went very well," says Patrycja. "The communication between us is great, we have done 7 rallies together to prepare for the MDC. I have already done it as a co-driver, it is a very nice race with a great atmosphere. We want to continue to evolve here and improve in order to grow and find sponsors. We have learned the basics of mechanics so that we can repair if we need to during a stage. Our main goal is to finish this rally well. It is through this kind of adventure that we can share our experience and let people know that girls also have their place in the world of motor sports. Wincent, their team manager, supports them in their dream of becoming professionals and starting a good career: "They are both very talented and do everything by themselves. They are writing their own story, and this is only the beginning!

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