Participate in the Malle Moto class?

The Malle Moto class makes many a motorcyclist dream of great adventure and the heyday of the original Dakar rally. Crossing the finish line of the Morocco Desert Challenge is an achievement in itself, but doing so without any kind of assistance is even more heroic.

And that is exactly what the heroes in this class are aiming for. Malle Moto means that you participate as a motorcyclist all by yourself, without any assistance. You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of your bike, the preparation of your road book, putting up your tent and taking it down. And that with only a limited amount of material. The 'Malle' in Malle Moto stands for a box. Every Malle Moto participant is entitled to 2 crates,  in which all the tools for the motorcycle and his/her personal belongings must fit.

What can you expect as a Malle Moto participant?

As a Malle Moto-rider you are entitled to 2 "Pierre Henri" cases (80 x 45 x 35 cm, provided by yourself), 2 extra wheels and 1 sports bag with extra luggage. We will provide a special truck with a mobile workshop to transport your equipment from bivouac to bivouac. Those who participate in the crazy motorcycle category will pay a contribution of 650€.

The extra cost of course includes a few services. For every Malle Moto-rider we provide a place to work on the bike. You get a work mat under a tent so you are protected from the sun. We also provide light, (compressed) air and electricity. 2 assistants will make sure your workstation with your work mat and boxes is ready when you arrive at the bivouac after the stage so you can start working on your bike right away. We also provide a tent to sleep in. So you don't have to bring that with you.

Transport to Morocco?

Participating without assistance usually means having no other means of transportation. That's why we offer the participants in the Malle Moto category the option of having the motorcycle transported by the organization to Agadir (start of the rally) and from the finish back to Europe. On the axis Belgium-Sète (FR), we foresee a number of pick-up points where you can have your motorcycle picked up and dropped off. We charge 600€ there and back (pick-up, carnet ATA, transport insurance, ferry, etc.). You then fly in comfort to Morocco where your motorcycle will be waiting for you in bivouac 0.

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.