Morocco Desert Challenge: a 10 year success story

Dear rally fans

The jubilee edition of the Morocco Desert Challenge in 2018 will not go unnoticed. The adventure, which started in the desert of Libya in 2008 will soon take place for the 10th time from 14th to 22nd April 2018. Fasten your seat belts, because it’s going to be one big “special”.

Dreams, passion and persistency

Organising a rally doesn’t start with a financial plan, but with a dream. This dream started ten years ago in the south-Libyan desert. The feeling among the racers was good from the very beginning and after a few years, the organisation functioned like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately the political situation was not always easy: diplomatic incidents, wars and financially difficult years didn’t make it easy for us. But thanks to the big moral support of a constantly growing group of participants, we kept on going. Is this not the whole idea behind desert racing: never give up, withstand the hardships, always keep on looking for ways to go further, wherever necessary with the help of your friends?

Adult rally

After Libya and Tunisia we arrived in Morocco in 2013. This new host country –a safe haven with a good infrastructure- allowed us to expand the rally to its current size: Africa’s biggest and most beautiful cross-country rally-raid, with more than 550 participants (racers & mechanics), a large organisation team of more than 110 people, perfect roadbooks, navigation with the GPS Unik by ERTF and –with 2 helicopters- safety is a main priority.

Rally sport, team spirit & good vibes

And yet, despite the high level of the race, there’s still a big difference with the FIA/FIM races and the world’s largest. Team spirit and camaraderie are values which are extremely important to us. It’s the amateurs and hobby riders who made our rally big and the atmosphere that comes with it, these are things we would like to keep.

Unique concept

Becoming the fastest growing rally-raid in the world, is not something which happens overnight. It’s something you have to deserve! Every edition has to be different, renewing and better. Since 2 years we offer the “coast to coast” route, crossing nearly the entire country; every day a new scenery and last year we introduced the “0” (zero) KM liaison concept, unique in the world of rally-raid.
Also in 2018 we’ll have these features, combined with new routes and a prologue in a unique location, which means 8 days of racing for the same price.

Anniversary edition full of surprises

And yes, 10 years anniversary means “fiesta”, every day again! We guarantee you a spectacle on the racetrack, but also every night in the bivouac. Needless to say we will not reveal all the details yet, but I do promise you it will be an unforgettable edition. And hopefully you’ll be part of it!

With sportive regards,

Gert Duson, Race Director

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