Rally Categories

The sub categories in Rally PRO

Morocco Desert Challenge is a race, a true competition in which you enter the battle with the elements, your equipment and yourself. With 30 race trucks, more than 110 4×4’s, buggies & SSV’s and more than 50 motorbikes and quads at the start, the MDC has become the second largest rally-raid in the world.

The increasing number of entries (200 registered vehicle in the 2018 edition) not only allows us to add more sub categories but also guarantee real competition in those sub groups.

1. Motorbikes and quads

1.0. General Ranking bikes & quads

1.1. Motorbikes

      1.1.1. Standard category: 250 to 600 cc

      1.1.2. Big Bikes:  601 to 1300 cc

      1.1.3. Classic Bikes:  Motorbikes with a minimum age of 20 years

      1.1.4. Female riders cup: For our female bikers

      1.1.5. Veterans Cup: For bikers of age 50 plus

      1.1.6. Rookies Cup: For newcomers who ride their first rally

      1.1.7. Malle Moto Cup: for the real heroes – those who come without a service team

1.2. Quads

      All quad types (4×4 and 4×2)

2. Cars, buggies and SSV’s

2.0.  General ranking for cars, buggies and SSV’s

2.1.  Proto (similar to T1) 4×4 with petrol engine

2.2.  Proto (similar to T1) 4×4 with diesel engine

2.3.  Proto (similar to T1) 4×2 / buggy  (diesel & petrol)

2.4.  Production cars (similar to T2): 4×4 production cars with petrol engine

2.5.  Production cars (similar to T2): 4×4 production cars with diesel engine

2.6.  Production cars (similar to T2): 4×4 production cars with 2 rigid axles

2.7.  Classic Series: vehicles of minimum 20 years old (T1 & T2)

2.8.  SSV’s (Side-by-side vehicles)

2.9.  Ladies Cup: best all-female team (Proto, Production)

3. Trucks

3.0. General ranking trucks

3.1. T4 Race trucks 4×4

3.2. T4 Race trucks 6×6

3.3. Classic Trucks Series: minimum 20 years old

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

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