Coast-to-coast in new regions

As far as the competition is concerned, we will continue the way we introduced in the previous years: MDC19 will again have eight challenging stages, from the start on April 12 to the finish on April 20, with nearly 3000 kilometres of pure special stages with zero kilometres liaison, from coast to coast.

One of the new things in the upcoming edition is that we'll go much more to the south, even deeper than La'ayoune in the Moroccan Sahara, where we set out new, spectacular stages and bivouacs at new locations.
Our satisfaction survey among the participants also showed that 95 percent would like to return to Saïdia to finish. The reasons are obvious: at the coast, near the ferry, all together in 1 all-inclusive hotel and with 2 international airports around the corner.

But we also found some possible improvements here: we are currently negotiating to charter our own cruise ship/ferry, with which everyone, including the trucks and cars, can return to Europe. Nobody will have to wait for two days after the rally before embarking, but everyone can use one chartered ship that can bring us directly from Nador to the south of France the day after the finish.

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.