Important safety measures for the motorbikes

The tagline of the Morocco Desert Challenge is Extreme Rally-Raid for a reason. The past edition was extra tough due to the unseasonably high temperatures. That is why we are implementing a few additional safety measures from 2024 onwards. Not only are we limiting the number of vehicles on the track, from next edition every competitor must be able to present a positive exercise test (max 1 year old). In addition, the airbag vest will become mandatory for all motorcyclists.

The extreme conditions of the MDC2023 were felt hardest by the Malle Moto riders. A whole day on the bike and then tinkering late into the evening in extreme conditions... Without the assistance of a team, this proved unjustifiable for some participants in this category. Therefore, we decided not to open that category again in 2024. Participants who were already registered in the Malle Moto category will soon be contacted asking whether they want a refund of the deposit, or will join a service team.

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.